New subdomain and new nameservers

Dear hostees,

Some of you have contacted us regarding how long is Host4fans subdomain so we have adquired a brand new one: This new subdomain is shorter and easier to remember. We have also changed our nameservers to:

We are not sure if this will be temporal or not, as old nameservers were having issues with nginx.

Kind Regards,

H4F Team.

Welcome to Host4Fans

Dear Hostess,

We want to give you a warm welcome to Host4Fans. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Eddie and I will be handling most of support tickets, some of you may already know me for being the first Fan Host owner and FansCity‘s co-founder. I have been running fansites since 2007, however I stopped dedicating my leisure time to fansites to improve my server management skills, I have been working for a professional web hosting company for two years. In Host4Fans I am not alone, Rob will be handling billing tasks as well as our backup system and Mariano will help me out with support tickets and pre-sales tasks, he will also handle “marketing” and social networks. You and your sites are on the best hands!

Our goals:

  • Provide amazing support
  • Provide server stability
  • Provide security
  • Be the best!

We have made some changes in our hosting features, rules and our FAQs so make sure the read them. We want to thank Ricardo for giving us the opportunity to take over Fan Host and Fan Village, we have been in talks for months, we know he has been overworked and what has happened lately was the straw that broke the camel’s back, this changes will be for the best.

We have already optimized the server, however there are still a few changes that need to be done, our backup server will be deployed tomorrow so the first round of backups will take place tomorrow. We want to provide the BEST service at the BEST value, we want to make YOU HAPPY, be part of this adventure.

In case you need any help or have any doubt make sure to submit a support ticket.


Since now on support will be handled by our client area so make sure to sign up and submit a ticket so we can add your sites to it. In the client area hostess will be able to change their site’s password, login to cPanel and unblock their IP in case firewall blocked it. Please do not use 3rd parties to ask for support, we will not pay our social networks as much attention as our client area, please, when submitting a ticket make sure to be as detailed as possible so we can solve the issue faster.

Best Regards,
Host4Fans STAFF.

New server up and running + information

This is a just a notification that the server emergency transference have successfully  be done, all sites are now in the new server. I will explain now in details why has this happened. A few weeks ago we noticed that the server was going down around 6 minutes every night (during peaks hours), we installed some logs scripts to see what was causing such high ‘loads averages’, after analyzing those logs we started to make some server modifications to solve the issue but none seemed to work, let’s explain it with another example; imagine you are ill and you go to the doctor so he can prescribe you some pills but your symptoms are too common which leads that the doctor is not really sure what is causing your pain but in order to solve the issue you need the right meds, if s/he gives you the wrong pills it may not help you or it could even go worse since you are not taking the right medicine, so this is what has happened here, we made a lot of changes but none of them worked, we kept running tests and making modifications on the server until we ended up with the conclusion that it was not our fault but it was a hardware issue on the datacenter, we were right.

I know this week have been a bit stressful for everyone –including us, knowing there is an complex issue and not being able to figure it out knowing there are clients affected is not something easy to handle and we have done our best to solve it as soon as possible – but finally the issue has been solved; the new server is also faster, it includes more DDOS protection and some other features. We want to apologize again for all the issues, trust us when we say we have worked hard to solve the issue as soon as possible but the issue was not an easy one.

You may receive now some getaway errors due to the nameservers IP change, cleaning your caché may help to remove the error faster.




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