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Hi everyone,

As we mentioned in the last post we’re going to explain how to migrate your site to another host if you’re hosted with us. In normal circumstances we have enabled backup option on cPanel but we had to disable it for security reasons, as we don’t know many sites will be migrated we had to temporally remove the option as it could slow down the server, produce small downtimes or in case there were a lot of migrations it could exceed server’s memory. How do we’ll proceed?

Sign up in our client area (, open a support ticket under Backup Request’s helpdesk, mention all sites you want to migrate and provide us cPanel log ins details of your new hosting account or instead a ftp account (you can create it on cPanel and then remove it, please, only one account, we’ll send all backups there so your hosting company can restore all of them), we’ll do it fast, so in less than 24-12 hours your backups will be there, time will depend on the amount of sites you have and its size .

In a week backup option will be available again for all users, understand we do this so hostess who decided to stay won’t suffer any downtime or server low-speed, after the issue we don’t want them to have any more issues. Security and performance is important for us and we want to keep providing good services.

Of course, any issue or doubt contact us and we’ll be glad to help you!


Fan Village.


UPDATE (26/08): Backup option is avaliable for all hostess again


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