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Dear Host(ee)s,

First, we want to thank you for trusting us and our services, this month we have made one year online and we could not more excited. This couple of weeks we have received a lot of applications; as this was something we did not expect, server resources are on its limits (mostly disk space, we have plenty of CPU and RAM).

Our current server is 80% full so we are waiting for the new one to be delievered, once it is, we will start migrating all sites over. There will not be any downtime during the migration; you will be able to update your fansites as usually, as we will point your site to the new server once it has been transfered. For Fan Host clients, a support ticket will be automatically opened once we start migrating your site(s), another one will be sent once your site(s) are restored. Applications are right now on hold until new server is delivered and working. We will be updating our social networks and in our forum during the transference, so any updates will be posted there in real-time.

We want also to apologize for the downtime we had last week, we were going to send a e-mail to everyone with details but with the amount of transfers queue we had we completely forgot about it -sorry about that.

We want to thank you again for trusting us, a few months ago we wouldn’t believe we would grow this fast, we will keep doing our best to bring the best service.


FansCity Network.

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