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Dear Hostess,

We want to give you a warm welcome to Host4Fans. I would like to introduce myself, my name is Eddie and I will be handling most of support tickets, some of you may already know me for being the first Fan Host owner and FansCity‘s co-founder. I have been running fansites since 2007, however I stopped dedicating my leisure time to fansites to improve my server management skills, I have been working for a professional web hosting company for two years. In Host4Fans I am not alone, Rob will be handling billing tasks as well as our backup system and Mariano will help me out with support tickets and pre-sales tasks, he will also handle “marketing” and social networks. You and your sites are on the best hands!

Our goals:

  • Provide amazing support
  • Provide server stability
  • Provide security
  • Be the best!

We have made some changes in our hosting features, rules and our FAQs so make sure the read them. We want to thank Ricardo for giving us the opportunity to take over Fan Host and Fan Village, we have been in talks for months, we know he has been overworked and what has happened lately was the straw that broke the camel’s back, this changes will be for the best.

We have already optimized the server, however there are still a few changes that need to be done, our backup server will be deployed tomorrow so the first round of backups will take place tomorrow. We want to provide the BEST service at the BEST value, we want to make YOU HAPPY, be part of this adventure.

In case you need any help or have any doubt make sure to submit a support ticket.


Since now on support will be handled by our client area so make sure to sign up and submit a ticket so we can add your sites to it. In the client area hostess will be able to change their site’s password, login to cPanel and unblock their IP in case firewall blocked it. Please do not use 3rd parties to ask for support, we will not pay our social networks as much attention as our client area, please, when submitting a ticket make sure to be as detailed as possible so we can solve the issue faster.

Best Regards,
Host4Fans STAFF.

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  1. I am sorry Ricardo had to leave, he was always so nice and helpful, he helped me with all my problems and helped me being an expert with fansites! When I applied I did not even know how to install WordPress!!!

    I will stay with you guys in his honor, hopefully he feels better.

  2. Gotta miss Ricardo a lot! Sad this turned out like this. New team has been really nice with all questions I have made, looking forward to Ricardo’s new projects if he has any.

  3. My first fansite ever was with FansCity, he always was so happy to help and he adored helping others, when FansCity ended their free package I had to move to Flaunt and I did not like them at all, late replies, rude…

    When Ricardo created Fan Village I had no doubt and applied here again, again everything perfect. It is sad what has happened with the backups, he has always restored the backups I wanted and never failed to provide one, after all these years I caught affection with him and I know he must be feeling really bad right now.

    I am sad he is parting ways with Fan Village, everyone makes mistake and the fact this wasn’t even his own mistake. As someone said I will still be hosted here because I trust Ricardo’s decisions and I know he did it for the best of Fan Vilage and the sites hosted here!

    Much love!

  4. I am going to miss Ricardo a lot! 😥

  5. As someone who doesn’t have any money to afford hosting, I had always to rely on free fansite hostings. My first host was FanFusion but things went really wrong, a friend of mine recommended me FansCity and since then I have been always hosted by Ricardo, amazing support and amazing person, you can tell he worried about his hostess.

    But being honest things were getting out of control lately, sometimes late support replies and uptime was not the best these last couple months, you could see he was overworked and stressed. I am glad he did not decide to just shut down and provided and opportunity to people like me who can’t afford hosting by giving the company to other people.

    Just typing this as I am seeing a lot of support to Ricardo but none to the new team, after all they are making hosting sites for free possible, thanks for the new team to take over! and hopefully everything goes well with Ricardo.

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