Weekly backups and subdomains no longer available

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UPDATE (12/03): Weekly backups are avaliable again.

Dear Customers,

We are sad to announce that we are no longer offering weekly backups and subdomains for our free services. Our free services are no longer receiving the income it used to, in fact, is our paid hosting which is maintaining most of it. Ads revenue have been going downhill for quite long time and GoogleADS is removing some hosted sites from their system, meaning some sites are not even generating profit. For these reasons, we needed to make some cuts in the budget of our free services, and we are removing free subdomains and weekly backups. Those who are already using any of our subdomains will still be able to keep it.

As we are removing our weekly external backups of our free features, you will need to take backups of your sites from time to time in case our server fails. Backups are enabled in all our servers so you will not have any problem generating full backups of your site(s). Please, make sure to delete the backup after it has been generated. However, the easiest and fastest way to backup your site is vía FTP. Login to your FTP Client program (Ex: Filezilla) and download to your PC the public_html folder, the first backup will take more time than the manual backup vía cPanel, but the next times it will take quite less time. What would you have to do the second time? Download again the public_html folder in the same folder you saved the last one, Filezilla will ask you if you want to overwrite existing files, you just need to tell Filezilla to skip them, so it will only download the files that were not available the last time. Then, make sure to backup manually the databases vía cPanel.

We are sorry we are loosing some of our features, but otherwise we would need to close our free services and we understand that is way better to keep them with the responsibility of each hostee to backup their site regularly. Of course, any doubt you can raise a ticket. However, as we know some people can’t afford our paid prices, we may include the option of monthly backups on free services for a small amount of money: $1-2 monthly; meaning you would only be playing for backup space and not your site disk space (a freemium service).

Of course, this message is only referred to our free services, our paid services will still have weekly backups and can still use any of our subdomains.

Best Regards,


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