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Dear Clients,

We are glad to announce our Free Fansite Hosting is back, we had to stop providing free hosting services due to the huge cPanel price increase (up to 75% percent), they already increased the price last year so it was not profitable for our free fansite hosting. We have adquired a brand new server with InterWorx -similar to cPanel- to keep offering free services. You can see a demo of Interworx here. Despite changing control panel we will offer the same features as we did before -including free SSL and Softaculous-.

However, there are some changes. Having support and orders from free customers and paid customers on the same client area was a bit messy -making our support poorer-, as we have relaunched Host4Fans we have learnt from our mistakes and we have now a different client area for orders and tickets. Also, to prevent mass orders we have limited stock, that means once we reach that limit no more applications will be received automatically by our system.

If you want to apply, go to our Free Fansite Hosting section.

Best Regards,


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