New changes at our Free Fansite Hosting

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We have made some changes at our Free Fansite Hosting in order to improve the quality of it. New customers were not getting used to InterWorx, and although we thought it was the easiest to use, people were not getting used to it. For this reason, we have decided to switch to DirectAdmin, which has more features and is slightly more similar to cPanel.

Also, we have a brand new server for free hosting which is faster and comes with the latest Centos version, which is Centos 8 so it has a lot of improvements. Also, it comes with more space so more stock is avaliable and more orders are being accepted.

Please, any issue with our Free Fansite Hosting, open a ticket in our free client area ( or contact us here, not through our paid panel. In case, panel is not working you can always send us an e-mail to



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