About Us

Fan Village was launched October 13th 2016 by FansCity‘s owners. FansCity used to be a Free Fansite Hosting that got to host +500 fansites from all over the world. In 2013, FansCity decided to stop offering free host and became premium-only. In 2016, after many free fansite hostings shut down we decided to create a new project where fansite owners were safe and happy, what could we do to do so? We are currently the only free fansite hosting that provides daily backups of your site(s) and what’s more amazing is that you can restore full backups, files or databases through cPanel itself! We’re the only ones to do that too!

Our server is fast and is always up, we provide %99.9 uptime, guaranteed! But what makes us so special? We just want to make you happy, we don’t hide features on cPanel such as backups, so you’re free to leave and comeback anytime! Do we own your domain? You can buy it from us whenever you want and if it’s about to expire we can transfer it to you for free. We want you to feel comfortable, safe and happy!

FansCity’s 2011 spirit have reborned in Fan Village.