How To Apply

Before filling the form make sure you have read our rules. We also recommend to read our FAQs before applying. Our average response time for applications is 24-48 hours.

Application Links

  • If your site is a collective or design site click here to apply. No ads required (only 1GB of space).
  • If your site is smaller than 25 GB (or you are creating a site from scratch) click here to apply. English-sites smaller than 25 GB can place just one ad.
  • If your site is greater than 25 GB or in any other language than English, click here to apply. Only for existing fansites being transfered from other hosts, rest of the sites must start with 25 GB package and will be upgraded to unlimited space once the limit is being reached.


* You must verify your e-mail after signing up in order to be accepted. Otherwise your order will be ignored, check your SPAM folder.
** If your domain was not bought prior application, the application will not be accepted. Of course, this does not apply if you are using our subdomain.