Server issue: updates

Hi everyone,

I’m writing this due to the situation Fan Village is having right now, I’ll start from the start. Two days ago due to a cPanel update our server exceeded memory usage during the update that messed up the whole cPanel installation and somehow the OS of the server that made that anyone could enter on their cPanel account also there was some content missing in some accounts (including wordpress directory)

What I wanted to do and the easiest thing to do was buy another server and use the transfer tool that cPanel offers to move accounts over, that would only take 2 hours, unfortunately due to the failure update that option wasn’t working, what could we do? Reinstall the server and restore all the sites from our backup server using the app we use to do so. Here comes the second problem, the first one is that It was impossible for us to reissue the license, after they did we noticed that old backups didn’t show up, reaching the script creator they tell us that the script database was hosted on the cPanel server not the storage one making impossible to restore the accounts right away, I got really mad since before purchasing the script I asked everything about it and they did not tell me that. What can we do? Hire one of their programmers to manually make the database so we could restore all sites, we could also restore site to site the backups but that would take much longer since the backups are not full backups but incremental backups.

We couldn’t be able to reach anyone of you for various reasons: not being able to log in to WordPress or not having any tool where we could send mass emails. We replied to everyone who sent us an email and we’ve been updating with the whole situation. We know how much stressful this is for all of you, but trust me not only for you, we’ve been working to fix this issue since it appeared, non-stop, almost not sleeping. We’ve also learnt from our mistake and we’ll be setting up a client area that will be hosted in other server so we can always reach every single one of you in case anything happens.

We’re still working on bringing the sites up and running, data is safe, don’t worry about it. We understand if you want to leave after this incident and we won’t do anything to stop but improve our services and provide the best service we can, trust me this is being as stressful for me as it is for you or even more.


UPDATE 1: Sites are starting to being restored, please, we know this is stressful but it may take some time.
Update 2: Almost all sites should be up, there are some with missing files that are being worked on and restored as soon as possible.

Update 3: All sites should be up, if any of your sites have any issue, please reach us through DM or

Reseller option avaliable

Do you have more than one site with us? You can request sending us an email to upgrade one of your accounts to reseller and we’ll place all your sites under the reseller account. However, reseller’s features will be limited, you won’t be able to create new accounts (you’ll need to apply for it and once accepted we’ll place the account under your reseller), but you’ll be able to change your account’s password and some others features, which will make things easier for you!

Thanks for being part of the Fan Village family.

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