How to migrate from our host

Admin/ August 21, 2017/ Hosting News/ 0 comments

Hi everyone, As we mentioned in the last post we’re going to explain how to migrate your site to another host if you’re hosted with us. In normal circumstances we have enabled backup option on cPanel but we had to disable it for security reasons, as we don’t know many sites will be migrated we had to temporally remove the

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Announcement after the issue

Admin/ August 20, 2017/ Hosting News/ 0 comments

Hi everyone, It’s been two days since the situation came back to normal and we wanted to provide a detailed explanation of the issue. At the beginning of the week -as every night- our server checks if there’s updates avaliable -updates from OS (in our case CentOS 7), RPMs to cPanel versions-, there was a new cPanel version avaliable and

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Server issue: updates

Admin/ August 15, 2017/ Hosting News/ 0 comments

Hi everyone, I’m writing this due to the situation Fan Village is having right now, I’ll start from the start. Two days ago due to a cPanel update our server exceeded memory usage during the update that messed up the whole cPanel installation and somehow the OS of the server that made that anyone could enter on their cPanel account

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